We've got some news!

We're rebranding!

As you or may not know, we've announced over on our social media accounts that we will be rebranding over the next few days. Please welcome, Izza & Co. Gifting
I know, there are a few people asking "Why?" We wanted to avoid any confusion with other businesses that has a similar name. Plus, Izza & Co. Gifting is more personal and more "me". It wasn't an easy decision to make but I know the whole rebrand shebang is worth it.
We will slowly transition to Izza & Co. Gifting. Our current packaging will still be the same until the entire PAPIER AU stationery has been phased out, and on top of that, we will start to integrate the new Izza & Co. Gifting branding to assist us in letting people know about the transition.
I hope you all will love Izza & Co. Gifting as much as you all loved PAPIER AU but it is now time to say au revoir to PAPIER AU. Of course, we will still be the same, providing you with beautiful gifts.
If you have any concerns or any questions at all, please do contact us!
All the best,